Cake Smash

This service costs £100. All the photos will be edited for you print-ready with full reproduction rights available within your own private gallery on my website.

The service includes specialist back drop and my usual photography equipment, but does not include the cake, stand, decorations or any props/outfits you would like your little one to wear.  Please ensure that you provide any decorations/ props/outfits for the photoshoot, as well as a cake/frosty that you are happy for your little one to eat.

Top Tips for your Cake Smash photoshoot


This is a VERY messy photoshoot! With some careful pre-planning, it can also be good fun. Here are some tips:

  • The Cake - A baby may have allergies to some cake ingredients.  It is for this reason that I always ask parents to provide the cake.  This also allows parents to choose the design and colours.  My advice would be that pink, white, yellow, orange and light green all photograph well, and to avoid chocolate, red and blue, as they can be tough to clean! Make sure the cake is at room temperature for the photoshoot.  A cake stand always looks good, but make sure you use one that is not precious to you, and be careful it doesn't fall down and ruin the cake!

  • The Practice - Your little one is likely just one year old, and may be shy of exploring new texture, shape or taste.  Especially if this is their first shoot or when they are surrounded by adults making funny noises and clapping to egg them on.  Having a little practice with a small cupcake with similar frosting and a similar environment (i.e. sat on the floor) could help to take any anxiety away for the photoshoot day.

  • The Photoshoot - I would advise any siblings are kept in a different room.  After all, there's a cake in the room, and they will be excited to join in!  Keep baby wipes handy and carrier bags/bin bags at the ready.  Try to choose an outfit for your little one that a) is easy to remove and b) you wouldn't be sad if it is permanently stained/ruined after the photoshoot.

  • The Clean Up - My backdrop will take the majority of the mess, but your little one will also be covered! Make sure you have a cleaning vessel (bath, tub, sink etc) ready for when the shoot ends. It's advisable that you wear something you don't mind getting covered in cake/frosting, as you will need to pick them up when the photoshoot ends! Put their clothes straight into one carrier bag/bin bag, (to deal with later!) and the remainder of the cake into another bin bag. I will take care of the backdrop and voila - we did it! A  fun Cake Smash photoshoot to commemorate your littles ones big day.